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University Relations

Partnering with universities and higher education institutions around the world, our priority is to fuel Boeing’s second century of talent and innovation by fostering world-class university relationships and delivering benchmark entry-level career programs. Since 1917, we’ve made this investment in support of our most valuable resource- our people- because at Boeing we work as a global team to build something better for our employees, our customers and the world.

Our collaboration is designed to inspire and cultivate a global workforce for aerospace innovation by increasing access to education, accelerating skills development and enriching the educational experience for students.

Student Programs

Through student-focused programs for university students around the world, students collaborate on innovative products by working alongside thinkers, dreamers, designers and builders. Boeing provides opportunities in the form of:

  • Internships (full-time & part-time)
  • Externships
  • Co-ops
  • Enrichment programs

For student-focused program opportunities, please visit our page about college and entry level careers.

Student Scholarships

Boeing proudly supports over 1,200 students in their chosen fields of study through academic scholarships. Scholarships are awarded directly to students by the academic institutions with which we have relationships, and students should work with their institution of choice to learn more about Boeing-funded scholarship opportunities.

For more information about University Relations, please contact Boeing’s team via e-mail.

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