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Thank you for your interest in Boeing. Please see below for the best ways to contact our team.

Please note that for privacy reasons, Boeing is unable to provide personal information about current or former employees.

Academic Projects: Due to a high volume of requests from professors, students and others in academia, Boeing is unable to evaluate and respond to individual requests. Public information is available on our website.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities: Boeing sponsors select major events, organizations and projects. All organizations must first submit a letter of inquiry to be eligible for consideration. Please visit our Sponsorships page for more information. Boeing does not accept unsolicited sponsorship requests by telephone, fax, mail or email.

Careers: To learn more about career opportunities with Boeing, please visit our Careers page. For assistance with a job application, please review our application instructions. Please note that Boeing does not accept resumes or job applications via email, mail or fax. Due to the volume of applications received, Boeing is unable to provide status updates on individual applications.

Charitable Giving & Community Engagement: Boeing strives to create positive change for our global communities through charitable giving and community engagement. Please visit our Community Engagement page for more information and guidance on how to request support.

Contact Lists: Boeing does not purchase contact lists. Please do not reach out with offers to purchase contact lists.

Employees & Retirees: Resources for Boeing employees and retirees are available on our Employees & Retirees page.

Employment Verification: To verify employment or income for Boeing employees, please contact Worklife at 866-473-2016 or CCCVerify at for all employment verification requests.

Ethics: Boeing offers confidential and anonymous channels for seeking guidance or reporting concerns about possible violations of regulations or company policies. You can find the Boeing Ethics Line phone number and additional contact information here.

Financial Information: Please visit our Investors page for more information. On this page, you can review frequently asked questions, request printed copies of financial reports or find online copies of financial reports.

Historical Archives: For more information on Boeing’s history, please visit our History page. Due to limited resources, Boeing is unable to assist with extensive research requests.

Ideas: Boeing will only review unsolicited ideas submitted through this website following your agreement with the specified terms and conditions. Please note that any unsolicited ideas submitted through any other source will be deleted and no copies of the content of your email will be kept.

Image & Photo Licensing: News images are available for editorial use by news media on our Media Room page. To license images for commercial use, please visit our Boeing Images website.

Logo & Trademark Use: The Boeing logo and other trademarks and service marks can be used only with written permission from Boeing. For more information, please visit our Advertising & Brand page.

Media: Resources for news media are available on our Media Room page.

Merchandise: Boeing merchandise is available for purchase at the Boeing Store. Due to the high volume of requests, Boeing is unable to respond to requests for free merchandise.

Product Information: Boeing is unable respond to general inquiries regarding airplane configuration, materials, production or engineering processes. We are also unable to provide blueprints, CAD drawings, or other detailed specifications about our products. Public information is available on our website.

Scholarships: To learn more about Boeing-funded scholarships, please work directly with the academic institution of your choice. Boeing does not administer scholarships directly with students.

Supplier Information: Organizations or individuals wishing to do business with Boeing should visit our Suppliers page for more information. For current suppliers, please contact your Boeing procurement agent for assistance. Your procurement agent is noted on each purchase order.

Visitor Information: All public tours have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please visit our Tours page for more information.

Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure: The Boeing Company is committed to maintaining the safety and security of our systems and our customers’ information. We encourage earnest, responsible reporting of potential security vulnerabilities in any product, system, or asset made by or belonging to Boeing. Please visit our Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure page for our submission process, including our guidelines for responsible disclosure and coordination.