What’s New With Boeing Sustainability

New Report Concludes Investment and Policy Crucial to Meet Japan’s Goals for Sustainable Aviation Fuel
ecoDemonstrator to test new cabin and efficiency technologies

Focus will be on sustainable cabin interiors, airport operations and safety enhancements.

Boeing, Airbus and others work together on SAF testing

A Boeing-led industry group will assess the compatibility of 100% sustainable aviation fuel on airplanes.

Boeing Makes its Largest Purchase of Blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Boeing Makes its Largest Purchase of Blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Company is 9.4 million gallons for 2024 U.S. commercial operations

Boeing BR&T Japan Opening Ceremony
Boeing Opens Research & Technology Center in Japan

Nagoya center will develop sustainable technologies to support the decarbonization of aviation

Sustainability News archive

Making Aviation Sustainable | Brian Moran, Chief Sustainability Officer, Boeing
Brian Moran speaks to Matthew Mahoney, Founder & Creative Director of One World Network, at the World Energy Congress on decarbonizing aviation.

New Report Concludes Investment and Policy Crucial to Meet Japan’s Goals for Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Boeing partnered with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and SMBC Aviation Capital to analyze feedstocks in Japan to accelerate a domestic sustainable aviation fuel industry.

Boeing, Wagner Advance Australia’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Industry
Boeing and Wagner Sustainable Fuels will collaborate on growing the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry to help meet Australia’s airline demand for jet fuel.

X-66: Bracing for the next big wing
Engineers explain the origin of an airplane with truss-braced wings that could shape the next decade.

‘What’s the weather like up there?' Boeing about to find out
Boeing awarded U.S. Department of Energy research project to advance weather and contrail forecasts.

Cascade and collaboration take center stage at COP28
Boeing and Axios put data front and center of the conversation on decarbonization.

Boeing's Path to Sustainability in the Middle East, Türkiye and Africa
Boeing partners with key stakeholders across the Middle East, Türkiye and Africa to drive a range of sustainability initiatives that align with the industry's commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

737-10, DC-8 team up to test sustainable fuel
A model of efficiency and a legendary warhorse conduct air-to-air tests to study SAF and contrails

Look up! What are contrails and why do they matter?
The ice clouds generated by airplane exhaust are receiving research interest and media attention.

Boeing Expands Global Efforts to Scale-Up Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Focus areas include Boeing’s efforts to catalyze collaboration, research, policy development and investment around SAF, which can reduce lifecycle CO2 up to 85%.

Chasing contrails
Boeing, NASA, United to study SAF’s effect on contrails with latest ecoDemonstrator Explorer.

Learn how Boeing employees are reimagining the possibilities of aviation using sustainable aviation fuels
Meet a variety of dedicated professionals who are working to develop biofuels by harnessing the power of nature and to inspire the next generation to build a more sustainable future for all.

Boeing and Zero Petroleum to Work Together to Advance Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Boeing will jointly establish a testing program for Zero’s SAF at the University of Sheffield’s Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) and its SAF research facility.

Boeing, NASA, United Airlines To Test SAF Benefits with Air-to-Air Flights
Boeing ecoDemonstrator Explorer, a 737-10 for United Airlines, will fly on SAF, trailed by NASA's DC-8 Airborne Science Lab measuring non-CO2 emissions.

Masdar and Boeing Join Forces to Accelerate the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Industry in the UAE and globally
Together, Masdar and Boeing will advance and support the development and adoption of SAF policies in the UAE and beyond.

Ready for X-66A modification
NASA, Boeing, officials mark milestone for experimental aircraft project focused on sustainable aviation

Boeing supports relief efforts in Hawaii
Boeing donates $500,000 to Assist with Wildfire Recovery and Relief Efforts in Hawaii

Boeing Launches SAF Dashboard to track and project sustainable aviation fuel production
Dashboard tracks potential SAF availability, and underscores need to close gap between supply and demand.

Aviation’s energy transition: Experts weigh in
Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) usage will start growing “pretty rapidly” despite challenges.

CTO statement on net zero
Industry CTOs highlight the importance of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

NASA’s newest X-plane
Sustainable Flight Demonstrator or the X-66A to help the U.S. achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

Sustainability Alliance in Türkiye brings ‘genuine excitement’
Boeing, industry and academia partner to advance education, SAF production and policy.

Boeing publicly releases "Cascade"
Cascade, a data modeling tool that quantifies aviation's decarbonization strategies, is accessible on Boeing's new Sustainable Aerospace Together hub, www.sustainabilitytogether.aero

Watch: Sustainable Aerospace Together Forum
Our Forum bringing together leaders from aviation, energy, policy and finance is now available on demand

Together for 100% SAF Compatibility
Boeing mobilizes suppliers to study sustainable aviation fuel’s effects on airplane materials and components.

'Explorer' airplanes broaden ecoDemonstrator testing
Boeing expands ecoDemonstrator flight testing with 'Explorer' airplanes, announces 2023 Plan

CSO - WA can lead on SAF
Boeing's chief sustainability officer touts policy as enabler for sustainable aviation fuel production in Washington in The Seattle Times.

Boeing purchases 5.6 million gallons of SAF
Purchase doubles last year's purchase of SAF for U.S. commercial operations.

Charting a course to 100% SAF capability
Boeing team reaches pivotal milestone to enable 100% sustainable aviation fuel-capable airplanes by 2030.

Boeing partners with Emirates and GE Aerospace on 100% SAF flight test in one engine
The tests mark an important step along the way to widespread adoption of sustainable aviation fuels.

The science behind electric- and hydrogen-powered flight
Advanced technologies will be needed to meet industry goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

CSO talks net zero in Fortune
Hydrogen-powered aircraft will be the challenge of a generation of engineers.

Boeing Selected for NASA Sustainable Flight Demonstrator Award
NASA, Boeing and partners aim to cut fuel use and emissions up to 30% in single-aisle airplanes

Wisk furthers leadership in sustainability
Wisk Aero appoints a new Head of Sustainability, certified Net Carbon Zero in New Zealand

Avolon partners with global aviation leaders to launch sustainable aviation fuel study in Ireland
Avolon, Boeing, ORIX Aviation, SFS Ireland and SkyNRG to assess opportunities for SAF production in Ireland

Passing the sniff test
Boeing, NASA team up to measure sustainable aviation fuel emissions

SAF emissions testing
Boeing and NASA partner to measure emissions from sustainable aviation fuel-powered aircraft

Aviation Week 'covers' ecoDemonstrator
Get up close with the latest ecoDemonstrator as it preps for extensive flight-test program

Boeing and partners power European Parliament sustainable aviation exhibition
Boeing showcased the company's latest sustainability innovations and advocated informed decision-making as part of ‘A Journey to Sustainable Aviation’ exhibition at the European Parliament in support of the European Union's sustainable aviation policy initiatives.

Boeing brings Mobile Newton Room to Belgium
The first Mobile Newton Room in Belgium opened its doors to students from across the country who will learn how to plan and pilot a flight to aid in a virtual search-and-rescue operation.

Boeing-ThinkYoung Coding School inspires the next generation of innovators
Last week, 60 young and talented teens from Brussels graduated from the 15th edition of the Boeing-ThinkYoung Coding School.

Boeing submits recommendations on Singapore Sustainable Air Hub
Partnering with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Boeing supports country’s vision for a sustainable air hub.

Keeping his eye on the fly
Supply chain employee balances fishing solitude with sustainability collaboration.

Boeing helps United Arab Emirates move toward ‘Clean Skies’
Boeing collaborates with the UAE government to support sustainable aviation fuel production.

Boeing Takes New Role to Help Cut Aviation Emissions Faster
Company to serve as ‘aviation sector champion’ in global sustainability alliance.

Boeing to Open Japan Research Center and Expand Sustainability Partnerships
New research and development center in Japan to focus on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), electric/hydrogen propulsion, robotics, digitization and composites.

Meet Cascade
New Boeing tool lays a visual groundwork for a zero-carbon future.

Boeing accelerates SAF production across the Indo Pacific
Boeing Australia recognizes the need to continue developing SAF and the benefits it will bring in region.

Boeing and MIT collaborate on sustainable aerospace
Announcement builds on existing relationships between researchers at Boeing and MIT to combat climate change

Boeing to partner with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Boeing and MHI to collaborate on sustainable technologies including SAF, hydrogen, electrification and sustainable materials

Advancing Sustainability with Cambridge
Partnership focuses on accelerating sustainable aviation technology insights

University of Sheffield partnership
Boeing becomes founding member of UK innovation hub to drive SAF development

Boeing and Alder Fuels partner to scale SAF
New partnership between Boeing and Alder Fuels to expand production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) around the world.

Boeing Unveils Model to Show Best Routes to Zero Carbon Future
Data modeling tool quantifies the power of aviation strategies to cut emissions

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year
For the 12th year in a row, Boeing receives recognition for its work to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.


Our story starts with our people

We commit to advancing a collaborative, inclusive and globally diverse culture that creates unique careers in aerospace.

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Trophy icon in green

We have more than 175 chapters of employee-led Business Resource Groups that advance inclusion and foster collaboration.

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Racial and ethnic minority representation in the U.S. is up to 35.3%.

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We earned a score of 100 on Disability:IN’s Disability Equality Index for the eighth year in a row.

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Our goal is zero workplace injuries.

Learn more about our people and see our diversity in action.

Employee Health & Safety

Our commitment to safety starts from within. We aim to eliminate all workplace injuries and ensure that everyone leaves work in the same condition as they arrived.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our differences make us better, smarter and stronger. Learn how diversity and inclusion has been part of our story for over a century.

Education & Training

 By supporting talent today, we build a successful tomorrow. Learn how we develop our people through world-class training programs as well as our financial support for employee education.

Human Rights

People are Boeing's most vital asset. Learn about our policies designed to assure that our employees enjoy the protections afforded by the Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights.


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Products and Services

We innovate for a better tomorrow.

We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and integrity and instill best practices in all that we do.

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Invested about $55 billion over the last 10 years to improve the sustainable product lifecycle.

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Boeing’s newest airplanes are 20-30% more efficient than the in-service airplanes they replace.

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Boeing’s airplane designs enable parts disassembly and materials recovery of up to 90% of currently retiring aircraft, 50% is reusable and 40% is recyclable by weight. 

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We’ve tested more than 250 environmentally smarter technologies through the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program.

Pathways to Decarbonization

As we enter a new era of sustainable aerospace, we take a multi-faceted approach to reducing emissions:

Hear our former Chief Sustainability Officer, Chris Raymond and former Chief Engineer of Sustainability and Future Mobility, Brian Yutko discuss the Future of Flight and why it will take a multi-faceted approach and all of us working together on renewable energy sources like sustainable aviation fuels, hydrogen and batteries, intersecting with new airplane technologies to usher in a new era of aerospace.

    NOTICE CONCERNING A.B. 1305: This video contains historic statements that may not entirely align with the company’s current outlook. These statements are retained for their historical value and to reflect Boeing’s culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

    Learn more about our products and services


    Nothing is more important than safety. Learn how we make safety our top priority, strive for first-time quality and hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards.

    Sustainable Aerospace

    Our goal is to reduce impact on our planet while growing the societal benefits of aerospace. Learn how we are creating a sustainable future of flight.


    Learn how we are accelerating innovation by taking promising technologies out of the lab and testing them in the air to solve real-world challenges for airlines, passengers and the environment.


    We are designing quality into every aspect of our business, and driving personal accountability to ensure quality in everything we do and in everything we deliver.


    Sustainable aerospace firsts

    Boeing is a pioneer in creating new technologies and solutions to ensure aerospace is sustainable for future generations.

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    It's not just what we do — it's also how we do it.

    We operate sustainably and engage transparently on behalf of our customers and stakeholders.

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    In 2022, we achieved a 31% reduction in GHG emissions compared to 2017.

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    Achieved 35% renewable electricity in 2022 by purchasing renewable electricity and renewable energy credits

    code of conduct icon

    Each year, we have our employees sign a Code of Conduct and participate in Boeing’s Ethics Recommitment.

    aerospace safety committee icon

    In 2019, Boeing established a permanent Aerospace Safety Committee to oversee and ensure safe products and services.

    Learn more about our sustainable governance and operations.

    Water, Waste, Materials, Energy, & Greenhouse gas emissions

    We are determined to leave the planet better than we found it. Learn more about our innovative solutions for reducing our carbon footprint.

    Ethics and Compliance

    Learn more about our commitment to improving transparency and accountability and efforts to create an open and accountable workplace where all employees feel empowered to speak up.

    Corporate Governance

    Learn how we aim to manage our company in a manner that upholds our values


    We are committed to working with our global supply chain to source responsibly. Learn how we value and collaborate with our suppliers to make the world better.



    Our communities matter to us.

    We focus on global partnerships and programs that inspire our future through education, honor our heroes, and strengthen our homes.

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    Piggybank Icon

    We’ve invested approximately $2 billion in our communities over the last 10 years.

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    In 2023, we invested $191 million in our communities.

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    Boeing employees volunteered 477,000 hours in communities in 2023.

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    We have 13,000+ community partners globally

    Learn more about our social sustainability and community impact.

    Community Engagement

    Strengthen the communities where we live, work and learn. Learn more about Boeing Global Engagement, our humanitarian efforts, giving and community partners.

    STEM Education

    Learn more about our STEM programs around the world where we introduce young minds to the wonder of aerospace and technology.

    Military and Veterans

    They stepped up for their countries, and we step up for them. Learn about our hiring and employment programs as well as grants and volunteer activities that serve those who have served us.

    ESG Reports and Resources

    Recent related reports

    2023 Sustainability Report

    2023 Reporting

    2023 Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Report 

    Boeing 2023 Community Impact Portfolio 

    2022 Proxy Statement

    2022 Annual Report

    Corporate Culture and Ethical Leadership

    Our Values

    Across our enterprise, Boeing employees are united by a shared commitment to our values, which serve as the guiding principles for all we do.

    Boeing Code of Conduct

    The Boeing Code of Conduct establishes behavioral expectations for Boeing employees at all levels of the company – wherever they are in the world.

    Board of Directors Code of Conduct

    This code lays out the ethical expectations for the board and each director and helps to foster and sustain a culture of honesty and accountability.

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    Boeing’s current perspective on sustainability matters is reflected in the most recent Sustainability Report. Previous Sustainability Reports are included here for their historic value, consistent with Boeing’s culture of transparency and continuous improvement. Readers should refer to Boeing’s latest Sustainability Report for the Company’s current perspective.