V-22 Osprey in flight

U.S. Special Operations Services

Innovative Readiness for Unique Missions

Special Operations & Classified Services supports the specialized world of U.S. special operators and classified customers. Boeing understands the critical nature and highly sensitive missions of the Special Operations community and can deliver the right capabilities for mission readiness.

Engineering Mods & Maintenance

Across the spectrum of aircraft support, Special Operations & Classified Services delivers the highest levels of support and readiness to Boeing and non-Boeing platforms. Boeing provides maintenance, modifications and spares for the MH-47G Chinook and Mission Enhanced Little Bird as well as the AC-130U and CV-22 Osprey for U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. Boeing’s avionics and weapons repair center supports aircraft “black boxes” and employs weapons repair technicians who deploy on special operation missions.

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Supply Chain Management

V-22 Osprey in flight

From special operations aircraft to critical facility support, Boeing’s supply chain expertise utilizes supplier management and competitive sourcing to increase mission readiness and maintain seamless operation. Boeing supports the U.S. Army’s MH-47G and Mission Enhanced Little Bird with spares, repairs and asset management, providing a full inventory support for critical aircraft components. In addition, engineering support and field service representatives provide direct customer support to emerging needs.

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Training & Professional Services

Boeing’s advanced training solutions include virtual and augmented reality experiences for both aircraft operation and maintenance as well as infrastructure support certification. Boeing supports the U.S. Air Force CV-22 fleet with AR/VR maintenance training, providing comprehensive instruction without impacting aircraft availability. The CH-47F Rear Crew Mission Trainer is a fully immersive virtual training device that teaches critical skills in a completely safe, yet true-to-life environment. Outside military platforms, Special Operations & Classified Services provides critical facility operations for U.S. government customers that support national security assets.

Special Operatoins Training in simulator

Digital Aviation & Analytics

Chinook in flight

As our customers advance in capability, we advance and expand our support solutions to bring the best value to customers. Using predictive analytics, Boeing can identify emergent aircraft issues as well as improve assurance of facility operation and infrastructure support systems. Our capabilities are focused on improving readiness and reducing costs with smarter ways to maintain aircraft and visibility into future inventory needs. As threats continue to evolve and change, Boeing can provide the services for seamless mission readiness and operation.

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