VIDEO: Vice admiral has soaring praise for P-8, employees who build it

During a delivery ceremony, U.S. Navy leader recognizes work by those who “handcrafted this wonderful, majestic machine.”

April 02, 2024 in Defense

Vice admiral has soaring praise for P-8, employees who build it

A top U.S. Navy officer acknowledged the great work of the Boeing employees “whose hands lovingly handcrafted this wonderful, majestic machine,” during a ceremony celebrating a P-8A Poseidon delivery to a U.S. Naval Reserve squadron last week.

“I know that literally thousands of hands have had a part in putting this piece of machinery together,” said Vice Admiral John Mustin, chief of Navy Reserve.

“It gives me great confidence knowing that my sailors are going to employ this – sometimes in arduous conditions, sometimes against well-motivated adversaries –  and never have more confidence that the quality of an airframe is so significant that we can sleep soundly at night knowing that we can focus on our mission, because we’ve got the best kit in the world,” he said.

As commander, Navy Reserve Force, Mustin leads approximately 59,000 Reserve Component personnel who support the Navy, Marine Corps and joint forces. Mustin made the comments as Boeing delivered the first purpose-built P-8A to Reserve Patrol Squadron VP-62, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida.  

“While this particular aircraft is going to go to Jacksonville, Florida, to Maritime Patrol Squadron 62, it will deploy in every theater around the world,” he said. “And the capability that it brings to bear is unmatched in any other platform in any other nation.”