Executive Biography of David L. Joyce

David L. Joyce
Former President and CEO, GE Aviation; Former Vice Chair, General Electric Company

Boeing director since: 2021

Professional highlights:

  • Senior Advisor, AE Industrial Partners, LP (2023-present)
  • Chairman, AE Industrial Partners HorizonX (2023-present)
  • Non-Executive Chair, GE Aviation (2020)
  • President and CEO, GE Aviation (2008-2020)
  • Vice Chair, General Electric Company (2016-2020)  

Independent: Yes

Other current public company directorships: None

Mr. Joyce brings to the Board vast aerospace, engineering and manufacturing expertise, as well as a demonstrated track record of safety leadership and operational excellence. He developed his in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the aerospace industry at General Electric Company. Mr. Joyce has 40 years of experience at GE Aviation including 12 years of service as President and CEO and four years as Vice Chair of GE. He began his GE career as a product engineer, spending more than a decade designing and building engines for both military and commercial customers. Mr. Joyce is recognized for his proficiency in product development, product management and product support founded on an industry-leading safety management system and ever more efficient products. Mr. Joyce is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and earned both bachelor of science and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in business finance from Xavier University.

Mr. Joyce is Chair of the Aerospace Safety Committee and a member of the Compensation Committee and the Special Programs Committee.