Why Boeing: Aerospace and modern computing

Vice president of software engineering explains mission-critical and human safety-critical applications

April 13, 2022 in Innovation, Technology

Thousands of software engineers led by Jinnah Hosein work to harness the power of modern computing and apply it in mission-critical and human safety-critical applications. In a recent conversation in Seattle, Boeing’s vice president of software engineering explained the importance of software in aerospace.


There’s a tremendous amount of honor and responsibility in being someone who knows something that really no one else in the industry knows, about how to produce a complex and safe system using modern software techniques. …

Jinnah Hosein profile portrait


… You’ve got systems that carry our families, and you’ve got systems that defend our families. Those things need to work. …

This isn’t an environment where we move fast and break things. It’s an environment where things can never break. …

Jinnah Hosein standing in front of Boeing logo on wall


… It’s what makes software engineers at The Boeing Company so valuable and so special, is the things you learn here, you can only learn here. …

… We have to leverage modern techniques and apply them in human safety-critical applications. And we capture that in our people. And we capture that in our processes. And both are constantly evolving. …

… I think that is the experience that a lot of people have here, is that every day, they are surrounded by and exposed to other brilliant people, people who push them to be their best. …

Jinnah Hosein portrait


… If you want to change the world, you have to work at a place like Boeing.

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