Foundational Safety

An understood agreement with our team members, our customers and the flying public

February 14, 2022 in Innovation, Technology

By Carla Davis-Madgett, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety and Michael P. Delaney, Chief Aerospace Safety Officer, Senior Vice President, Global Aerospace Safety


“Can we fly?” is an important question. But the crucial question is “Can we fly safely?”

Since the earliest days of Pacific Aero Products Co., which would eventually become The Boeing Company, safety has been the foundation — safety in the workplace and safety in the sky. Aerospace is viable only if it moves people safely and ensures the well-being of those who design, build, support and operate our products and services.

We are not perfect, but we are committed to improving safety throughout our industry, and that commitment appears on every page of the latest edition of Innovation Quarterly.

From lab to wind tunnel to sky, our teams test and evaluate, every step of the way. Each product we produce is poked, prodded and pushed beyond the limits to ensure it can withstand the pressures of the real world.

When an incident or accident does happen, our teams of air safety investigators and technical experts relentlessly pursue the cause. As a result of their work, aerospace safety innovation is often adopted from that point forward.

Safety on the factory floor appears in the form of a superhero-like exoskeleton device. Arms and shoulders of those who perform overhead work are better supported, resulting in enhanced safety of the team members and the product.

Our responsibility continues a companywide charge. We find a 70-year-old safety document that lines up with the language of today and shows our current accountability is built on decades of diligence.

And hovering over it all is our Safety Management System that is nurtured by a positive safety culture and a just culture — all of which directly affect the safety of our products and services.

We have an understood agreement with our team members, our customers and the flying public: Safety is where it starts.

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