New nest for the Osprey

Boeing opens state-of-the-art V-22 production facility

August 01, 2019 in Defense

Boeing, the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy celebrated the opening of a modern V-22 Osprey factory outside Philadelphia. Here, employees will build fuselages for the tiltrotor aircraft and modernize the MV-22 fleet for Marines.

The advanced factory will house fuselage production for Navy, Air Force, Marines and international customers. The new facility will also be home to the Common Configuration–Readiness Modernization (CC-RAM) program that standardizes and upgrades previously built aircraft to the new Block C configuration.

“The V-22 readiness program is our number one priority,” said U.S. Marine Corps Col. Matthew Kelly, V-22 Joint Program Manager. “The CC-RAM program is key in meeting our readiness goals and returning capable and reliable aircraft to Marine units around the world.”

The production facility will improve safety, productivity, lower operating costs and reduce Boeing’s environmental impact.