Multi-Domain Operations. Powered by Boeing.

To help the U.S. Army achieve its goal of becoming a modern multi-domain force through 2035 and beyond, we’re leading with a digital mindset and using the latest technologies to create capabilities that converge to become greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Future Vertical Lift

DEFIANT X, an advanced utility helicopter and air assault weapon system purposefully designed for the Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft competition, is being tested in a digital combat environment, and continues to prove itself the most survivable platform for mission requirements. It is optimized for operational effectiveness in Multi-Domain and Joint All-Domain Operations environments, with the ability to connect all battlefield assets.

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    Long Range Precision Fires


    Boeing is a key player in advanced munitions development in support of Long Range Precision Fires. With expertise in integration, systems engineering, advanced manufacturing, propulsion and sensors, Boeing is advancing ramjet technology designed to extend the munition range and double the Army’s reach.

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    Air and Missile Defense

    For nearly 25 years, Boeing-built and supported air and missile defense systems have protected the nation, warfighters, allies and international partners against threats ranging from intercontinental ballistic missiles to hostile aircraft. Boeing is committed to enhancing air and missile defense capabilities to meet evolving needs today, while investing in modernization and next-generation technologies to out-innovate, deter and defeat the emerging threats of tomorrow.

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    Today’s existing networks are susceptible to detectability, exploitation and denial. Focusing on operations within and upon the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Boeing delivers mission capabilities that converge Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Cyber Operations tools across all domains. Boeing’s Directional Networking Waveform provides resilient communications that enable joint and combined forces to operate in denied environments over land, water and air.

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    When seeing, deciding and acting first matters, Boeing’s expertise developing and integrating sensors and systems provides warfighters with the information advantage. We have a proven history of integrating multi-mission, multi-function Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and cyber capabilities on both ground and air platforms.