June 07, 2016 in Our Partners

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is proud to the call the Puget Sound home. We are also proud to partner with more than 200 nonprofit organizations in Washington whose mission is to improve and enhance the lives of people who live in this state.

Zeno is one of those many partners whose work is making a difference. "Zeno's an organization that's been around about 10 years, and we help kids learn to love math," says Bill Ellis, board chair for Zeno.

"Math pervades everything, but a lot of people have a fear of math and that fear just kind of snowballs for them and builds these huge barriers to them ever really accomplishing competence in math. So there's this huge deficit. We feel that addressing it through math play, math games, making kids comfortable with math that we can begin to close that gap. And we do it by making math fun."

We invite you to learn more about how Zeno accomplishes its mission in this short video.