Roll out the rain barrels!

Boeing employees celebrate Earth Day every day

May 16, 2018 in Our Environment

Each year, Boeing employees volunteer nearly 10,000 hours working on environmental causes to improve the communities. To commemorate Earth Day this spring, one group in Renton. Wash. worked with water conservation experts from the Snohomish Conservation District to learn how to build rain barrels out of recycled 55-gallon drums at “pop up” events around Puget Sound from Everett to Auburn.

The barrels reduce water use by harnessing and holding rainwater while minimizing groundwater contaminants. They also help with conservation when the contained water is used for irrigating lawns, gardens or plants.

During a storm, rainwater flows over surfaces and often picks up pollutants that can range from chemicals used on buildings, like paints or stains, to bacteria from birds and other animals.

“Rain barrels help reduce potential stormwater pollutants that can end up in groundwater or flow out to Puget Sound,” said volunteer Cameron Coronado from the Snohomish Conservation District. “It’s also exciting coming to an event like this and seeing how committed to water conservation Boeing’s employees are.”

“Getting people educated and getting them to understand the importance of taking care of stormwater,” said Boeing Environment Director Steve Shestag, was also a big part of the event. The finished barrels were sold to Boeing volunteers and the general public for home installation.

Learn more about Boeing’s Environment goals and initiatives here.