Boeing's Renton facilities a national winner in saving energy

Boeing wins award from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for cutting energy use in two Washington buildings by 26%

November 13, 2017 in Our Environment

Switching to LED lighting in office buildings and other facilities, like this one in Renton, Wash., is one way Boeing is reducing its overall energy consumption.

Marian Lockhart

Employees at Boeing’s Renton, Wash. site rose to the challenge and cut energy use in two busy office buildings by 26 percent…and won a national competition sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The energy reduction translates into a cut in greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking 47 passenger vehicles off the road for an entire year. It also reduces utility costs and demonstrates Boeing’s commitment to improving the company’s environmental footprint.

The energy reductions were part of Boeing’s participation in the EPA’s national ‘Battle of the Buildings’, designed to encourage occupants to improve efficiency in energy and water use, reduce waste and help protect the environment. More than 800 buildings across the country were entered in the competition. Winners were announced earlier this year.

The effort inspired a lot of employee involvement, including turning off computers, monitors and lights when not in use and removing appliances from work areas. Maintenance teams adjusted HVAC system schedules to better match employee schedules and turned off lights in unoccupied areas at night.

“The competition was a fun opportunity to bring additional energy-saving behaviors into our daily work. And, once again, we proved that simple actions can make a big difference,” said Beth Gilbertson, energy and conservation specialist.

Learn more about Boeing’s environmental strategy and progress in the 2017 Environment Report.

By Patrick Summers