Page Ahead

December 09, 2016 in Our Partners

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is proud to the call the Puget Sound home. We are also proud to partner with more than 200 nonprofit organizations in Washington whose mission is to improve and enhance the lives of people who live in this state.

Page Ahead Literacy Program, which serves children across Washington, is one of those many partners whose work is making a difference. “We’re focused on reducing the literacy achievement gap, particularly for kids who come from low income families,” says Susan Dibble, Executive Director of Page Ahead.

"We're really focused on getting kids reading at grade level by the time they finish third grade. You really need to be reading well by the time you finish third grade or the data shows you never really catch up.” To date, Page Ahead has reached 600,000 Washington students.

We invite you to learn more about how Page Ahead accomplishes its mission in this short video.