Boeing joins new Washington coalition committed to racial equity

Coalition of businesses across the state works to for parity in hiring, pay, promotions

December 01, 2020 in Our Commitment

Earlier this year, Boeing provided a $2.5 million grant supporting healthcare access for minority and underserved children in Puget Sound through the expansion of the Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in Seattle.

(Photo courtesy Seattle Children’s Hospital)

Boeing has a long history of partnering with organizations that address inequities in communities of color. In 2020, that commitment has expanded to include significant grants to local and national nonprofits addressing inequalities in communities of color.

Now, Boeing is expanding its circle of partners by joining Washington Employers for Racial Equity, a new coalition that starts with a commitment from more than 55 companies, including Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Costco and others to build an equitable future for Washington state.

The Washington Employers for Racial Equity coalition has set specific goals for 2030, including driving equity for Black Washingtonians in the corporate sector, supporting Black-owned businesses, and pursuing actions and policies that will support equity across Washington communities. The coalition has a goal to invest a combined $2 billion to support racial equity over the first five years. The ultimate goal is equity and opportunity for all.

“Equity, diversity and inclusion are part of our values at Boeing. We’re also committed to creating lasting change in the communities where our employees live and work,” said Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “That is why we are proud to support Washington Employers for Racial Equity.”

“We are committed to increasing the representation of Black Boeing employees in the United States by 20%,” Deal adds. “Joining this coalition is one more way we are working to ensure that all of our teammates – regardless of the color of their skin – can work in an open, candid, respectful environment where they feel valued and inspired to bring their best.”

Joining Washington Employers for Racial Equity is one more step in Boeing’s commitment to change in support of individuals, families and communities of all races in Washington state. Much work is already underway. In August, Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun outlined the company’s race equity action plan, which includes:

  • Closing the largest representation gaps across the enterprise and continue to ensure equitable compensation practices for all. 
  • Increasing the representation rate of Black Boeing employees in the United States by 20%.
  • Holding leaders accountable for helping the company reach its representation targets and remove institutional barriers to equity. 
  • Establishing a Racial Equity Task Force made up of representatives from diverse backgrounds from across the company to serve as a long-term think tank to help guide the company’s plans for addressing racial equity and inclusion.
  • Taking action against behavior that runs counter to the company’s values, whether in the workplace, on social media or when it’s evident in other venues.

By Deborah Feldman