Boeing delivers FedEx's 100th 767

FedEx takes flight with its 100th 767-300 Freighter

May 14, 2021 in Our Commitment

Structures mechanic Kevin Dyk calls himself a lifer. He’s spent his entire Boeing career on the 767. In fact, he was part of the team that built the very first 767-300 Freighter for FedEx back in 2013. Now a team lead for the forward section of the aircraft, Dyk is extremely proud to build the 100th FedEx 767 Freighter to roll out of the factory in Everett, WA.

“It’s a cool feeling knowing that the airplanes we’re building connect every area of the world with packages, deliveries, and trade” said Dyk. “At some point, most people’s lives are impacted by the 767 Freighter because it’s delivered something for them. You can’t beat that feeling.”

FedEx took delivery of their first 767 Freighter in September 2013 - that’s 100 airplanes in less than eight years. The newest addition to their fleet comes at a crucial time with pandemic related shipments and booming e-commerce keeping freighters on the move worldwide.

“This delivery to FedEx marks the first time we’ve delivered 100 767 Freighters to a single customer,” said Kim Smith, vice president and general manager of the 747 and 767 programs. “We are laser focused on giving FedEx a high-quality airplane to support the important work they do.”

This special delivery bears a unique decal marking the 100th and it has a name, Ariella. FedEx names each of its new deliveries after an employee’s child.

FedEx also has the world’s largest fleet of 777 Freighters, with 45 currently in service (as of March 31).

Boeing has delivered 192 767-300 Freighters to nine identified customers around the world.

Boeing delivers FedEx's 100th 767

Boeing photo

Kevin Dyk, 767 structures team lead has supported the entire FedEx fleet from number one to 100.

Photo by Josh Green