Maintenance Execution

Maintaining the fleet so it's always ready to fly.

From line maintenance to heavy checks, a well-maintained airplane performs better. And when customers need expert support, we’re ready to make their airplanes operate at their best.

AOG Services

Maintenance Manuals

We handle every aspect of an AOG event to get you back in the air quickly.

Our technical experts will provide on-site, comprehensive and integrated assistance to recover an airplane. Our goal is to quickly and safely return airplanes to service, using methods and procedures that avoid costly secondary damage.

Boeing experts have accumulated experience from numerous airplane recoveries around the world. With this experience and the technical expertise that only the airplane's original manufacturer can offer, we help customers get their airplanes back in revenue service.

Airplane Transition Services

Airplane Transition Services

Everything you need to transition an airplane.

Transitioning an airplane to or from storage, between operators or to a new owner requires specialized knowledge and procedures. A thorough understanding of outstanding airplane updates and maintenance and repair requirements can save time and money.

We can assemble the detailed information customers need to make decisions and negotiate confidently. And we can coordinate or manage any indicated maintenance activities and help obtain airworthiness certification.

Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services

Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services

An MRO you can rely on for cost-effective, high-quality maintenance services.

Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services combines the advantages of an MRO with the skills, quality and knowledge of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). At this facility, Boeing guidance has been applied and followed from tooling and equipment identification to hangar specifications, quality systems, training programs, and operating policies and procedures. Boeing Shanghai offers fleet management services, aircraft maintenance, aircraft modifications and component overhaul repair. The facility operates its own Maintenance Training Center, staffed with Boeing training instructors, to ensure quality workmanship and the utmost in safety standards.

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