Tilt Toward Innovation

By Mark Defoe

September 2016

My name is Mark and I have been part of Boeing for only six short years. You see, I have one of the greatest jobs one could have. I perform NDT or Non Destructive Testing on Boeing rotorcraft parts in Ridley Township, Pa. I had the privilege to work on the V-22, which I believe is the most innovative aircraft available to both our war-fighting vets, as well as other countries. It is hands-down the best and most capable aircraft to help save lives, and get our vets in and out of harm's way quickly. Is it a helicopter or an airplane?? It's both -- it takes off like a helicopter but flies with the speed of an airplane due to the tiltrotor system employed.

I love when vets come to visit our site and I always interact with those brave souls. I love to ask them what's their favorite thing about the aircraft? And most all say it's the speed and agility that gets them to the fight and then out of harm's way in a very short period of time. I'm proud that the work I do for Boeing is helping our armed forces to do their job and at the same time saving lives and protecting heroes.