Special Delivery

By Mel Fortson

November 2016

Over my 38-plus years here at Boeing, I have had many great experiences, fond memories. One of my best experiences as a Boeing employee was the privilege my family and I had to participate in Boeing's delivery ceremony of United Airlines' first 777 airplane. The evening before the delivery, the 777 program held an outdoor BBQ event in Everett, Wash., between the twin towers (Buildings 40-87 and 40-88). This event included Boeing employees, United Airline employees and community leaders.

United had invited employees from around the world to participate in receiving their first 777 and be on board its initial flight home. My family and I had the very special privilege of hosting, overnight, a United Airlines employee who was from Rio de Janeiro! She was a wonderful guest. Our two young kids really enjoyed meeting her, learning a few things about her home.

The next morning we had a team from Boeing Communications come to our home and film us preparing for the delivery event. They interviewed our United Airlines guest, my wife Chris (also a Boeing employee at the time, now retired) and myself. All in all, this was a great experience for my family and me, especially being able to literally invite Boeing into our home! I smile proudly every time I see a Boeing 777 airplane! Thanks.