Unexpected Reply

By Rubens Sirax

November 2016

Congratulations, Centennial Boeing! I am an aerospace enthusiast since my earliest childhood. By the time I was just 13, I sent a letter to Boeing, kindly asking for some of your airplane's pictures, but handwritten in a very poor English. Friends of mine laughed at me because they would never expect that a great company like Boeing would ever respond to my letter.

Then, to my utmost delight, a month later I received a mail containing lots of pictures and a very friendly letter from Boeing acknowledging my interest in your products! Today, after 50 years, I can still remember how amazed I was with your kind attention!

I think that I have been very lucky in my career in computer science: I started working in the early 1970s and I traveled a lot around the world, mainly for business. Thanks to that, I get acquainted with almost all of your 7-series family of commercial airplanes.

I can still remember the first time I went aboard on a 747 jumbo jet. It was in 1977, in a nonstop American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles -- what an unforgettable experience!

The legacy of Mr. William Boeing is noteworthy, notably his philosophy stated in this meaningful motto: "Build Something Better." I have been using this for my own life and, thanks to that, I had accomplished many great things in my career, as well as in my own personal life. Thank you very much, Mr. William Boeing! Your life is a great inspiration to all of us!