It's All About the People

By Sue Boevers

March 2016

What a thrill to be part of Boeing's 100-year celebration! And speaking personally, it's marvelous to acknowledge that I've been part of Boeing, this amazing organization, since a cold and foggy day in December 1986.

That day was unforgettable for many reasons. Not least of which is this: I got lost on the way to work! No matter. I just called my dad. I knew he'd know the way ... because when he retired, it was as a Boeing procurement agent with 30 years of Boeing experience under his belt.

Boeing for me has been a real family affair. In addition to Dad, my brother Jim works at Boeing. And closest to home, I met my handsome husband, Lee, a Boeing employee (as was his dad!), through some mutual Boeing close friends.

My Boeing career started as a plastic bench mechanic on the top secret B-2. You had to get clearance, and follow specific protocol to enter the factory. It all seemed so important ... and exciting!

Later on, I served as an assembly mechanic and a quality inspector. Now, I'm a Quality investigator and I love it. At Boeing, it's great to be part of something that's truly enormous. I know I'm not the only Boeing employee to admit that every time I board a plane, I'm filled with a special pride and satisfaction. After all, I helped to build it.

Of course, Boeing, like any organization, is as much about its people as its procedure. And the people here are the best. I'm privileged to serve as facilitator for a class called Commitment to Quality. It brings Boeing employees together, infusing everything we do with quality, commitment and pride. In every class, I learn that the people of Boeing continue to be an inspiration and a model of unending enthusiasm.

That endless Boeing enthusiasm really shines through in our Employees Community Fund (ECF). A legacy, ECF was started by Boeing employees in 1951 to help and support our neighbors and our communities. As an ECF volunteer, serving as a booster/champion, project manager and once an elected trustee, I've worked with so many Boeing employees who continue to make a real, positive, enduring difference.

It's important for all the people at Boeing to understand the wealth of talent and energy that exists here. And to draw upon it always. That's why we must always encourage free-flowing communication between our senior employees, those with so much experience, and our youngest, newest generations, those with eagerness and new ideas. With so many special people, and so much talent and strength, we can keep great things happening ... as long as we work together.

The opportunities, the education and the accomplishments afforded by Boeing are just the best. Boeing takes care of its people. In my case, it gave me a chance to go to school. And the Boeing people? Like a second family to me. I am honored, and I feel blessed to say I work at Boeing.

May the next hundred years be even brighter!

Then and now.

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