Building Works of Art

By Michael Whitfield

March 2016

Working for Boeing was a dream that started in high school when I decided I wanted a career in engineering. I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to start working for Boeing shortly after college. By far this is the best job I've had. Currently in my career I have worked at multiple Boeing facilities as a teammate or on loan helping another program or division overcome challenges.

I still remember the first day on the job and taking the factory tour; I was wide-eyed at the steps needed to build an airplane and the size of tools and how they do it. I remember this feeling sticking with me for several months as I settled into the company. It is normal for me to see the assembly line today, but when I visit other sites, I do have the feeling of amazement that "we" are building the works of art.

Every day I am proud to say I work for Boeing and hope I have the luck to retire from this great company many decades from now. Seeing products that I have worked on flying around will always bring a sense of pride and joy.