Places in the Heart

By Muhammad Bayu Prasetyo

February 2016

Boeing is my favorite airplane company. It has a very special place in my heart. The aircraft I've flown on most in my whole life is the Boeing 737. I have always loved the 737, just because it really does its job very well every time I fly on it.

I remember when I was a kid, I had to travel to another city about every two months to visit my father. Me and my mom used an airline that flew the 737 all the time to that city. I will always remember the registration of the plane I used most often, a 737-300.

Another plane that I loved is the 747. I really hope Boeing will make a new version of that aircraft since that was a special aircraft for the world and myself.

My favorite aircraft of all time is the 777, and I especially can't wait for the 777X to come out. I like that plane because it's safe, friendly to the environment, and it has the GE90 engine on it. I also especially love the 787, because it's just so high-tech and very comfortable -- I have been recommending to many friends to fly the 787 on long trips.

Every time I fly, I always make an extra effort to use a Boeing plane instead of any other types of planes. I hope to go to flight school and fly Boeing airplanes, especially the 777X. I dream of flying the 777X to places such as New York or London and working for a major airline company. I always use Boeing planes on my flight simulation computer game because they are just so special to me and they are so nice to fly.

I wish you all a happy 100th anniversary and I hope you will stay awesome and inspire many people.