Serving With the 'Best of the Best'

By Thomas Malaglowicz

October 2015

My story begins on Feb. 8, 2000. On that day I happened to turn on the local TV news and watched a story about how a bank robbery suspect had entered the Boeing plant in Everett, Wash.

In that story I saw local police responding, but I also saw something else: I saw Boeing Security responding to protect the people and property of The Boeing Company. I saw the most professional group of people I had ever seen responding to a threat in a cool and measured manner, and it completely changed my perception of what a security officer was.

I knew right then where I wanted to work. A few months later, I ended my military career and set on a path that would eventually take me to realize my dream of working for Boeing. I obtained my college degree, learned everything about industrial and merchant security I could, and in 2007 was hired as a brand-new Boeing Security officer at the Renton, Wash., plant.

All through the security industry, Boeing security -- above all others -- had a reputation as being the "best of the best." It was a professional security organization respected by those in the industry as well as those in law enforcement. I was proud to finally be a part of that.

The men and women I now had the privilege to work with were proud, too. Most were college educated, had military and law enforcement backgrounds, and truly cared about the safety and security of their fellow Boeing employees. We did so much more than I had even expected ... everything from traffic enforcement, investigations, door unlock and car-jump starts, to responding to medical emergencies. ... We were family and were proud to be a part of something. ...

I work in materials management now, and although I really miss the people I once worked with, I have found new friends, new challenges, and am still proud to be a part of The Boeing Company. We build the best, most popular jets the world has ever known -- and ever will know.

I hope to continue helping forge Boeing's future until I retire. It is an honor to have been a part of the past 100 years, and even more of an honor to be a part of the next 100.

Thomas Malaglowicz with Boeing B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" on the Renton, Wash., flight line in 2012.

Thomas Malaglowicz