Across the Blue Skies

By Ruben Pacarat

November 2015

In grade school in the Philippines, when I first saw a picture of an airplane, I was really amazed and liked it. Since then, I thought and dreamed about flying in an airplane.

Years later, I landed a job with a company that required me to fly to Manila from Davao City. The company provided me a ticket, but suddenly it was not a Boeing aircraft as expected. My first flight experience was awesome, but it made me really want to fly on a Boeing airplane.

My dream was realized when I booked myself on Philippine Airlines back home. I didn't really know then what kind of aircraft model the B747-400 was -- I thought it was just the same as the aircraft that I first flew.

But when boarding time came and I was going to the terminal, I saw a huge four-engine airplane. This model is the biggest passenger aircraft from Boeing. I was really amazed and astonished, even more so when I saw the interior stair leading to the upper deck of the aircraft.

The total experience riding with the Boeing 747-400 was really fabulous, quiet and smooth as we traveled across the blue skies.