Team Spirit

By Dale Payne

July 2015

I haven't been at Boeing for long. I interned with the company back in 2012 while a student at Texas A&M and returned in January of 2013. The short time I have been at this amazing company has, in short, been amazing. Moving up to Washington from Texas was, needless to say, a shock to my system.

For nearly half a year of moving up here, the only people I knew were part of the Boeing family. My manager knew this and invited me to spend Easter with her and her friends who were also former students of Texas A&M. It was such a small act of kindness, yet it meant a lot that I would have somewhere to be on a holiday typically reserved for family and friends.

I have continued to grow here at the company since then and had many great experiences with those here. But it was something so simple that happened over two years ago that continues to embody the spirit of working at this company.