Mod Squad

By John Kattenbusch

December 2015

My first flight on a Boeing plane was when I was 8 years old. I was traveling to Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1967 from Gander, Newfoundland, to visit my grandparents and had to connect in Heathrow, London. I was a minor traveling alone, so I had these nice flight attendants shepherding me along.

For some reason I missed my connection with Lufthansa, but they managed to get me on Pan Am. I was amazed -- it was a beautiful 707, and the first time I ever saw one. I was turned over to the Pam Am hostess and she led me to the front section of the plane. I can remember being blown away by the semicircular lounge arrangement -- it was so '60s mod.

The flight was excellent and those images of that plane have stayed with me to this day.