Landing One of the Best Jobs in the World

By Susannah Boyland

December 2015

I recently had the opportunity to work on the 757 ecoDemonstrator program in a partnership with NASA. I'm passionate about the environment, so it was exciting to work on a technology that has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of aviation! Our team had many challenges along the way, but the excellent collaboration between Boeing organizations, different business units across the country and our NASA counterparts enabled our flight-test campaign to be successful.

After the completion of flight testing, we had the chance to travel on the ecoDemonstrator to NASA's Langley Research Center and show off our plane to their employees. Many people lined up for hours in hot, humid weather for a chance to walk through the plane -- which goes to show how much it meant to everyone.

On the flight home, I got to sit in the flight deck for the landing at Boeing Field, which was one of the best things I've ever done in my life. After landing, I told the pilots that they have the best job in the world and thanked them for allowing me to have that experience. Having the opportunity to work on this project has been the highlight of my career so far, and I look forward to all of the other exciting things I will get to be a part of in my future at Boeing!

The author hugs the ecoDemonstrator 757.

Courtesy of Susannah Boyland